(260) 622-4251     Town Hall Hours: 7am to 3:30pm

Town Council

The Ossian Town Council consists of five members, each elected to 4-year terms.

Of the five members: 1 must reside in the East ward of the town; 1 must reside in the West ward of the town; 1 must reside in the Central ward of the town; and 2 at large members may reside anywhere in the town. 

Town Council Members

  • Josh Barkley
  • Dennis Ealing
  • Stephanie Tucker
  • Jeff Kemper
  • Glen Werling

To email the Town Council members, please use the contact form below.

Town Council Meetings

The Town Council typically meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm at Collier’s (215 N. Jefferson St. in Ossian).

If you would like to address the Town Council, please call the Ossian Town Hall at 260-622-4251 to be placed on the agenda.

Auxiliary aids are available upon request. 48 hours advance notice is needed. Please contact the Ossian Town Hall at 260-622-4251.

Meeting Minutes & Recordings

Minutes and audio recordings (when available) from Town Council meetings can be found on the Meeting Recordings & Minutes page.

Email the Town Council Members